The Ultimate Guide to

Employee Retention

An organization is a kind of social entity that is made up of a group of people, working together to achieve a common goal. The employees are the most important asset for any firm or organization, as without employees firms and organization will be reduced to nothing more than just a name. Not only will a group of employees make an organization, but they will also provide a good competitive edge.

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The employees can be on the higher tiers such as the likes of managers or something more humbler like foremen, but its these employees are what allows an organization have the ability to dominate other organizations. These employees have the skills, capabilities, behavior, efficiency, knowledge and etc required for any company to execute any plans. An organization won’t be able to achieve anything without its employees, starting from the lowest position to the very top, so it’s a great idea that they are to be retained.

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A company, organization, or firm’s ability to retain or keep its employees is what’s called Employee retention. Employee retention is not as easy as it sounds, in order to keep employee retention at a high level, certain tactics needs to be employed. This means, companies need good plans and policies in order to keep their employees. So in order for an organization to be able to keep its employees, it’s good to know why they would want to leave in the first place.

Reasons as to why an employee would leave an organization:

Pay grade -A very clear reason as to why employees choose to leave an organization is salary. The main reason why somebody would want to work is money. People work to get paid, so naturally an underpaid employee would want to find another job that pays better if they are not satisfied with their current salary.

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Lacking Motivation: Motivation is what drives and encourages employees to work hard to achieve targeted goals. Employees need motivation to boost morale, be it monetarily or through other means. The fervor to work hard is very important. That is what motivation provides best.

Poor Management: Good management means employees will want to stay. Inefficient managers will only cause employees to leave on a regular basis. Managers don’t need to be strict at all times, there are some situations that requires politeness. Managers need to provide employees better solutions to problems, and to do so they need to hear them out.

The stated above are just the common reasons as to why employees leave an organization.

Retaining employees is hard, but its 3 times as expensive to have them replaced so it’s better to keep them.

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